Is This London’s Prettiest Coffee Shop?

Once upon a time, there was a little cafe called Peggy Porschen…

Okay, this isn’t a fairytale, but what we are talking about is one fairy tale looking place. Sitting on a quiet corner of London’s Victoria and just off the beaten track, is the prettiest, pinkest, most instagrammable coffee shop/cafe/dessert heaven you will EVER see … and it’s called Peggy Porschen.

Peggy’s (the not so posh shortened name) is the Tiffany Jewellery equivalent of the cake world (if only we could afford!) It’s the creation of a German baker by the same name who has baked for the likes of Kate Moss and Elton John.

They do a range of the most beautiful sugary treats and if the outside has got you scrambling for your camera wait until you go inside.


Okay, this IS one of Londons most expensive areas so to be frank, it doesn’t make for a cheap afternoon treat with a cuppa and a cake setting you back between £8-£10ish. BUT what you gotta remember is your paying for a whole experience. The stunning place, location and of course all the professional baked treats. You can rack up a bill like that just at Starbucks or Costa! (no offense – still love ’em.

So, what’s the moral of this story? Your not gonna go every week let’s face it. So, one weekend take your camera, a friend or just a book and treat yourself. Maybe take me too.