Five of London’s Best Hot Dogs

This roundup is for the hot-dog lovers of London to find out where the best can be found across the city!

Whether it’s a summer evening or something to warm up during a winter’s day, you can’t go wrong with a proper good hot dog. Sometimes it’s just knowing where to find the good ones in London and I’ve put together a roundup of some of the best in London ranging from classic to vegetarian to something a bit different. Here are my top five:

The Champagne One

Bubbledogs, Fitzrovia
Price – £9-12

After recently going through a renovation earlier this year, Bubbledogs is back in London with a new and improved menu but keeping true to its original routes – hot dogs and champagne. With a variety of hot dogs ranging from the classic New Yorker to Mac n Cheese speciality ‘Mac Daddy’ and a vegetarian option, you won’t go wrong with Bubbledogs!

The German One

Herman ze German, Charing Cross
Price – £6

With multiple branches across London, this is the place to go for a German bratwurst in London. As traditional bratwurst hot dogs as you’ll in London from the pork hot dog to the proper bread (it’s always about the bread anyway isn’t it?). It’s not all about the meat here either as Herman’s also offer a vegetarian version for non-meat eaters so is the hot dog spot for everyone’s tastes in London.

The Street Food One

Oh My Dogs, Camden Lock
Price – £8

After first trying Oh My Dogs at Winter Wonderland last Christmas period, I was a convert instantly. Their hot dogs are some of the best in London and can be found at Camden market daily and other food markets across London on certain occasions (check their website to find out where). Their menu has three staple hot dogs and a changing menu of special hot dogs on offer. My suggestion would be the Yum Dog if it’s on offer packed with pickles, mustard and crispy bacon – so good!

The Vegan One

Dirty Bones, Carnaby Street
Price – £12

A twist on their classic Yankee Doodle hot dog, Dirty Bones have launched a vegan alternative which is just as tasty. Showcasing everything you would expect from a classic American style hot dog, this bun is filled with spring onion, ketchup, mustard and a meatless hot-dog inside. Both meat and vegan versions are on the menu at each of their branches so no excuses to miss this one out.

The Big One

Meat Liquor, Soho
Price – £9

When you’re craving proper American style food, is there a better place in London to go than Meat Liquor? Great food, great cocktails and also, great hot dogs. My favourite is ‘The Ripper’ which is pictured below which is a frankfurter that’s wrapped in bacon topped with onions, spicy relish, mustard and topped with pickled cucumbers inside a tasty bun. If you try this once, I guarantee you’ll be craving it soon after to go back again.