Sometimes you just want a bowl of fresh pasta without having to wait 2 hours outside Padella, right? Well we might have found a solution for this.

Pasta Evangelist intrigued us – as a lover of Italian cuisine (especially fresh pasta) we were curious to test their claim to deliver artisanal, fresh pasta dishes within minutes. The idea of ingredients-in-a-box companies is that it’s convenient, tasty and quick – but what’s the reality?

The package arrived through the letterbox (so convenient!), with ice packs to keep ingredients cold during delivery. The ice pack remained cold for a long time, as the ingredients were still chilled when we arrived home several hours after it was delivered. The box included all the necessary ingredients (fresh pasta, sauce/butter, garnish), and a printed recipe card with easy to follow instructions, photo of what the finished dish should look like, as well as additional information about the dish such as dietary notes (i.e. contains eggs), and list of ingredients.

One of our favourite features about the recipe cards was the “about the dish” section. This section included a unique story about the history, and origin of the dish. For instance, who else knew that lasagne with meatballs is a typical Easter dish of the small city near Napoli? Unlike other recipe boxes, most of the preparation work is done for you already. So for the recipes that we chose, it was mostly a case of just removing the sauce from the packaging, heating up, and then combining with the pasta, which takes maximum 3 minutes to cook in salted boiling water. The garnish ingredients were also prepped and ready to use in little boxes. For example, the parmesan is grated, and the pine nuts were toasted and ready to use.

We tried out 4 different recipes just to have a taste of a wide variety of pasta dishes, and sauces. We chose a balance between traditional and modern recipes. We were lucky enough to get our hands on the pasta dish partnered with Chantelle Nicholson, Chef Patron of Tredwells for plant based pasta week. Our favourite was Tredwells, taglietelle with wild garlic pesto and roasted pickled leeks. The use of the seasonal wild garlic was great addition to the dish, and balanced very well with the pickled burnt leeks.
Our second best was the tortelloni filled with radicchio rosse di Treviso, a beautiful chicory, with a unique, slightly bitter flavour, which was complemented well with a fresh white cheese, Robiola, creating an end result of creamy goodness. The pappardelle with oxtail ragu was rich, comforting and came close to being our favourite but losing out only because we were in need for more oxtail ragu! It was a shame because the pasta itself was so delicious and had a great texture.
Our least favourite dish was the Lasagne Beneventane (aka meatball lasagne), but that might be down to our personal preference. There was nothing wrong with the pasta or the sauce itself, but personally we would have preferred the traditional mince meat, rather than meatballs in our lasagne from Benevento.

Overall, we were genuinely impressed with the quality of the ingredients, and most importantly the flavour combinations – they were all so tasty! The pasta, and sauces are made in London using seasonal ingredients, which definitely is prominent in its menu choices. Also, you don’t have to worry about having to subscribe; you can always try out one-off orders like us, you can choose your recipes, and even select your preferred delivery date.