Bring on the babka

How has this culinary masterpiece flown under the radar for so long? No more! Where to find the best babka in London

First of all you may be wondering: what on earth IS a babka? Admittedly it sounds like a) an old Russian grandmother (deffo wouldn’t eat one of those), b) a small unreliable make of car from the 70s (you couldn’t swallow one whole), or c) a London slang word that scary youths shout at you (you’d be too scared to eat after this).

But no – the humble babka is a type of sweet bread, East European/Jewish in origin, made from a twisted length of dough and filled with cinnamon and/or chocolate (the latter is the tastiest….if you need to know why just watch the Seinfeld episode entitled ‘the Dinner Party’). It’s sold everywhere in New York and has recently made an appearance on these shores, much to the delight of my tastebuds.

So now you know what a babka is, you’ll want to know where to get one surely…this is why i’m here to enlighten you, before you go off and do the rest. You can thank me later of course. The best babkas in London can be found at:

Margot Bakery – the best of the bunch in my opinion, this little north London bakery makes a chocolate or a cinnamon version (both are good) and gives you a hearty slab too. The chocolate is perfectly spread and flaked throughout and will leave you wanting more (and more).

Honey & Spice – the sister eatery to Honey & Co, this establishment makes a chocolate hazelnut variety, as well as a white chocolate and tahini version (I found the latter too sweet). The chocolate comes in great blobs throughout and the bread itself is incredibly rich and succulent.

Karma Bread – this Hampstead bakery sells babkas whole, and my goodness why wouldn’t you buy an entire one? Great dough and delicious fillings, and the owner is a huge fan of Instagram so make sure you snap away at your choice of babka.

Monty’s Deli – THE Jewish deli in London, Monty’s does a babka for brunch with a dollop of vanilla ice cream on top. I’ll just leave that there shall I…?

Good Egg – this Stoke Newington (and now central) brunch spot does a great chocolate babka, topped with a sugar syrup while it’s still warm, and perfect for a ‘dessert’ after you’ve had your savoury dishes.