Here Are The Best Pies and Mash In London For British Pie Week

Who doesn’t love a bit of pie and mash, a true British classic! In recognition (and celebration) of British Pie Week, which runs from March 5th to March 9th, here is the guide to finding the right London pie for you, with six of our favourites for you to try.

Whether its traditional East end with liquor, vegan, street-food or even a dish with three pies, there should definitely be something for you to try out here.

M. Manze, Southwark

The Classic Option – £

If you want it done right, then why not go to somewhere that’s been serving classic pie and mash for over a century. There’s not many places in London where you can get a filling lunch and also get change from £5. Serving a range of pies with mash, liquor and jellied eel’s if you’re feeling adventurous, M. Manze can be found in Southwark and also in the second shop in Peckham.

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Pieminister, Borough Market

The Street Food Option – £

Just up the road from M. Manze at Borough Market, Pieminister offer a pie and mash street food equivalent but just as tasty. You won’t find many traditional names with the specialties such as Moo & Blue or Fungi Chicken to pick from but they are just as tasty. Your pie of choice, mash, mushy peas and gravy will set you back £6 at lunchtime so very reasonably priced and perfect for a Friday lunch treat. Pieminister also has a restaurant in Brixton so if you’re East or South and in the mood for a British classic, head over to find these guys.

Mother Mash, Carnaby Street

The West Option – £

From East to West but as equally delicious, Mother Mash has all the trademarks of a classic London pie and mash shop but with a modern and larger menu selection. You are given three clear instructions – pick mash, pick main, pick gravy. With eight different types of mash, the choice of a range of sausages or pies as a main and a selection of gravies or liquor to add the finishing touch, Mother Mash is a must when taking a break from shopping off Oxford Street.

Bob Bob Ricard, Soho

The Posh Option, £££

This wouldn’t be a full range selection if the more high-end choice wasn’t included. Two excellent pies on offer include the Chicken, Mushroom and Champagne Pie (make sure you press your table button for more champagne in case you need a top up) and the Smoked Fish Pie which I would say is one of the best I’ve had before. No traditional steak pie on offer but if you have a craving for beef then look no further than their speciality Beef Wellington which may not be a traditional pie, but is equisetic. This will set you back further than most places if you’re craving a classic pie combo but you won’t leave disappointed.

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Young Vegans, Camden

The Vegan Option, £

With the range of vegan options available in London it wasn’t going to be long until someone made a vegan pie and mash version and thankfully Young Vegans were responsible for doing so. What started as a street-food market stand has seen their popularity grow and have just opened their first restaurant in Camden. Classic pies such as Steak & Ale to Curry are on offer including a full-flavoured Peanut Butter and Chocolate Mud Pie for desert just in case you have room left – or even if you haven’t you’re advised to get one! Make sure you look out Young Vegans when next in Camden.

Butcher’s Hook & Cleaver, Smithfield Market

The Pub Option, ££

If a Friday pub lunch is suggested this week at work but you didn’t want to miss out on taking part in British Pie Week, then head over to Smithfield Market for the pie experience to end all experiences. Not one, not two but THREE pies are served on a board including mash, gravy, liquor and three different ales which complement each individual pie. Set at just over £15 it slightly more than the majority listed in this article but is without doubt worth it. This deal is found at most Fullers pubs in London and the pies on offer vary on location.

Anywhere you feel I’ve missed out then message me at @londonfoodie1!