7 Top New London Dishes Not To Miss

1. Custard Bun at The Bun House

Baos have always held a soft, pillowy and oh-so-flavour-packed appeal for London foodies, and upping the ante considerably is this specialist new Chinese café on Greek Street. The Cantonese-style closed buns and pickles here are something of a game-changer. Fillings range from sticky barbecue pork belly to chicken and fish, with a sweet-and-savoury custard bun to finish, silkily blended with duck egg, coconut milk and carrots. Just a soft bite will have it vehemently exploding on you with a lava-like gush of custard! It’s impossible to eat without making a mess, but all the more delicious for it.

2. Cacio e Pepe at Il Pampero

Tucked away in the rather smart Hari hotel in Belgravia, Il Pampero is a charming new restaurant which effortlessly exudes an old-world sense of glamour. Think bartenders clad in white jackets and champagne poured into coupe glasses… traditional Italian dishes are delivered with much panache too, including a rather fine Cacio e Pepe, its full-bodied creaminess foiled by a simple but generous sprinkling of cracked black pepper. It’s worth saving room for dessert, as the stylised take on a tiramisu (with the coffee cleverly poured on top) is deliciously novel!

3. Four cheese rotelle at The Cheese Bar

From grilled cheese toasties to young buck raclette and blue cheese ice cream sundaes, there are lactose-heavy reasons a-plenty to also visit this spin-off restaurant from the Cheese Truck, which champions artisanal and urban British cheese producers. Anything but your average Mac n Cheese, the four cheese rotelle was one of my top picks from a memorably tasty visit – unapologetically rich and comfortingly indulgent, it was everything you’d want such a pasta to be.

4. Dal chawal aur achaar at Jamavar

Speaking of unpretentious soul food, a fine-dining restaurant in Mayfair deserves mention for the flair and finesse with which it execute Indian classics such as dal chawal. The humble combination of tempered lentils and rice is served up in a devilishly deep-fried – arancini-like- form, yet is nostalgically evocative of all the childhood memories associated with this simple staple dish.

5. Pumpkin Delica at Kricket

For a more modern British take on Indian food, try this edgy eatery in Soho which follows from the wildly popular success of the original pop-up in Brixton. The kulchas (unleavened bread slow-baked in a tandoor) here are unabashedly buttery and perfect for mopping up the intensely-rich gravy of the pumpkin Delica with.

6. Liz’ Mars Bar Cheesecake at Daisy Green Collection

Meanwhile over in Victoria, there are no dearth of new and exciting spots to visit in the burgeoning Nova development. My recommendation would be this breezy all-day establishment from the Daisy Green Collection. Brunch here is always a good idea, as are the desserts with high level pleasures including a cheesecake imbibing the best of a Mars Bar and bits of Oreo cookies too…

7. ALL the mezze at Honey & Smoke

This laidback canteen-style eatery in Fitzrovia specialises in Middle-Eastern grills and small sharing plates or mezze, each a chaotic canvas of colours, flavours and textures enriched with liberal lashings of tahini. Even humble vegetables like celeriac and cauliflower are elevated to immensely craveable proportions, whilst the well-rounded falafels are as perfect as you could expect to find.