5 DIY Kits to try in Lockdown

Here are five DIY cooking kits worth trying out at home!

Lockdown may (hopefully!) be coming to an end soon but still time to try some DIY kits. Here I've picked out 5 that I've tried recently which are definitely worth taking a look at!

The Caribbean One
Juici Jerk: Price – £30 for two people

So this has definitely become a firm favourite DIY box for me as I’ve ordered it two more times since first trying! Juici Jerk’s box is ideal for those that love Caribbean flavours that comes with jerk marinated boneless chicken thighs, mac n cheese, plantain, festivals, the most delicious horseradish coleslaw. Oh and also a drink of fresh punch to wash it down which is perfect with a touch of rum if you’ve got any in the house. Definitely one to try for a weekend treat and really easy to cook up!


The Chicken Wings One
Wing Shack Co: Price – £30 for two people

Missing some proper chicken wings since being in lockdown? Well I tried Wing Shack DIY chicken wing kit for their Buffalo and Honey + Sesame wings. I tried Wing Shack just before the March 2020 lockdown and loved their food and especially their buffalo sauce which for me, is one of the best in London, so was looking forward to this kit. Wings were easy to roast for just under an hour and then mix with the sauce kits provided. Really simple and for wing lovers, one to definitely try.


The Vegan (Pizza) One
Vegan Dough Co: Price – £19 for two people

For someone that loves a pizza, I had never tried a Vegan pizza until I tried Vegan Dough Co DIY kit box. Their pizza was really simple to put together and did not miss the meat at all for their tasty twist. Going for their ‘Godfather Pizza’ which had spicy vegan nduja, broccolini and green olives on a tomato base with melted vegan mozzarella (which was really good), I enjoyed this kit and will be adding to the list to try again.


The Afternoon Tea One
The Gentlemen Barista: Price – £30 for two people

One thing I’ve missed during lockdown has been going out for an afternoon tea. Fortunately, The Gentlemen Barista are now doing Afternoon Tea kits to have at home and they are a must to try! A mix of sandwiches including roasted red pepper + Emmental cheese, prosciutto, rocket & shaved parmesan and classic cucumber alongside mixture of cakes and shortbreads and of course the classics and ultimate’s, scones, cream and jam (or jam and cream depending on your preference!). Check out if you’re needing an afternoon tea and can’t wait till this summer.


The Thai Flavour One
Wild Rice: £4.90 per sauce packet

I had certainly missed out on some great Thai flavours and plates as one of my favourite cuisines to go out for lunch and dinner in London. Fortunately, Wild Rice are delivering their fresh sauce kits to your door to help bring spice and flavour to items in your fridge and freezer. Particular love went to their Panang Red Curry and their Pad Thai sauces, delicious flavours and absolutely one to try.


Let me know if you have tried any other DIY boxes during lockdown which I should try. Message on Instagram at @londonfoodie1!