Bistro at St James Court

There are many hidden treasures in London, and where best to find one than a stones throw away from Buckingham Palace.

The Bistro restaurant, housed inside St James’ Court, which is a Taj Hotel, provides a sophisticated and gastronomically impressive dining experience that will leave you wanting more.

The decor exudes smart elegance, while the comfortable seating and soft lighting provides a relaxed and cozy ambiance.

The menu is mouth-wateringly diverse, with an Anglo-European and a modern Asian fusion twist, so to provide a little something for everyone.

If you’ve not fallen in love with the decor or the tempting menu, then you may be pleased to know that they offer Halal chicken and you can pre-order Halal for any of the other meat dishes.

We had the Sangrita and Cranberry Cooler mocktails, which were refreshing and bold in flavour, along with rosemary bread and roasted aubergine dip, plus salmon and avocado amuse bouche; perfect way to kick start our meal.

The starters were simply a work of art, striking in colour and diverse in taste. The succulent and tender Lamb Sheek Kebab brought euphoria to the palate with each bite. The Tomato Soup was smooth and subtly spiced, so to add a different taste dimension to the standard tomato soup. And finally the Samosa Chaat tasted as beautiful as it looked.

The main of Spinach & Cheese Stuffed Chicken Supreme was magnificent. The succulent chicken with crispy skin was devoured with great gusto and pleasure. The flavours were intricate and subtle, and by no means as rich as the dish appears to be, thereby leaving room for glorious dessert.

These Trio of Desserts consisted of light, yet decadently delicious chocolate mousse, an inventive and exquisite Gulab Jamun cheese cake and finally a sweet and delectable caramel ice cream.

The service at The Bistro was exceptional, extremely attentive, but not intrusive, which in my opinion takes great skill.

Overall, we had a thoroughly enjoyable time at the Bistro; so if you are seeking a wonderful and luxurious dining experience, we would highly recommend the Bistro at St James’ Court.