Top Food Masterclasses

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, hen party or need an alternative date idea for the elusive third meeting, masterclasses are always a good idea.

The Pasta One

Petersham Nurseries | Covent Garden

Head to La Goccia where the team will ensure you are pro pasta makers by the time you leave. You'll be able to whip up some pasta dough with supreme confidence in no time, carving up ravioli patterned with edible flowers. You'll even get to take your pasta home, along with some pasta flour, Haye Farm eggs and a homemade tomato sauce. Benissimo!

Price: £65

The Pizza One

Radio Alice | Clapham

Stay en trend at this pizza place, as you learn how to make not just sourdough pizza, but organic sourdough pizza. You'll be Pizzaiolo in not time. After all that hard work, take a seat and enjoy your efforts with a drink of your choice and lemoncello, you even get some recipes to take home with you.

Price: £25

The Taco One

Temper | Soho

At this particular workshop, you'll learn to make tacos, from. Scratch. That's right, you'll be making these soft tortilla babies straight from the corn with a drink and taco pairing on arrival to warm you up and a mezcal tasting with paired taco to celebrate your achievements.

Price: £35

The Sushi One

Sozai Cooking School | Aldgate

Okay, so we said sushi, but at this cookery school you can pretty much fine tune any Japanese cooking art you'd like to take on. However, Yuki's Sushi Masterclass is a winner. With her Japanese trained background, you'll really get to know the art of this skilful practice. In the class you'll learn four different types of sushi: Nigiri-sushi (Hand formed sushi), Hoso-maki (Thin roll), Ura-maki (California Roll), Futo-maki (Thick Roll).

Price: £75

The Bread One | Stoke Newington

If you haven't heard of The Dusty Knuckle, then get to know. These guys do some of the best bread in London, especially their sourdough! They offer a serious array of workshops, from foccacia and fillings (oh HEllo) to pastry classes for that lamentation life. However, before diving straight in, we'd recommend the Introduction to Bread to get you started. You'll learn how to make their signature sourdough, plus they even provide dinner and beer from their neighbours, 40ft Brewery, carbs and crafts!

Price: £80.54

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Alright, listen up. It’s Sunday, you’re in bed and we got a big secret for you: fermentation – it’s everything. It’s how you make a graphically delicious loaf. It’s how you turn a carrot into a pickle that’s so banging it needs a license. Don’t believe us? Call your nan, cos she ferments like all the good people do. Trust. So why don’t you book you and a mate onto a course at our @bakeryschooldk and learn all about fermentation, whether it’s yeast or bacteria, and leave with loadsa goodies plus a belly full of food and beer. We’ve got bread classes on Wednesday evenings and the weekends, and fermentation classes on Tuesdays where you can learn to make kim chi, kraut and a carrot // beet // dill number. Book via @bakeryschooldk. See ya there, don’t wear your swimwear, but maybe some goggles 🍞🦠 #food #cooking #baking #sunday #preserving #vegetables #vegetarian #vegan #yum #hackney #sourdough #london #fermentation #yes #learning #breakfast photo by @cultcure

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The Dim Sum One

Borough Kitchen | Hampstead or Chiswick

It's no secret, London LOVES dim sum, they're all over our feed, taking up our thoughts and the photo space on our phone. Well now you can put your phone down and get your hands dirty by making them yourselves. The Borough Kitchen offer a pretty full on workshop, you'll learn how to make dumplings in a broth, steamed wontons, Shumai and the infamous bao buns. As a bonus, you'll leanr knife skills, how to season properly and the art of dipping sauces.

Price: £99

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New class this September at Borough Kitchen. Learn how to make traditional Chinese dumplings from scratch, from making two different kinds of the dough and kneading them by hand, to shaping/folding into magical dim sum. This class will teach you how to use Chinese condiments to season properly, and give you an in-depth understanding of dipping sauces. It will also refine your knife skills, as you get involved with the preparation of the ingredients. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ During the course you will make: Jiaozi "potstickers" Different shaped Wonton Shumai Soft, pillowy steamed Bao buns. 11th Sept Hampstead 12th Sept Chiswick 18.30 to 21.30 – – – – – ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #cookschool #whatsonlondon #baobuns #chinesecooking #chinesefood #wonton #cookingclass #chinesedumplings #dimsum #makingdimsum #chinesefood #chiswick #hampstead

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The BBQ One

London Barbecue School | Peckham

Whatever you want to learn, the London Barbecue School will teach it to you. Whether it's slow and low smoked ribs, Texan feasting brisket based barbecuing, cooking fish for the non-meat eaters or even a Christmas barbecue class for those who can't quite fit the turkey in the oven. But being the height of summer, we couldn't think of a more perfect way to spend the day and impress your guests at the next summer gathering.