The Most Unusual Restaurants In London

So a birthday/anniversary/payday has come around and you’re desperately making your way through Google, hoping to find and book not just a restaurant, but an edible experience. The joy of London is that there are always interesting spots offering interesting slants on the traditional dining scene- if you know where to look!
Which is, of course, where we come in.

Dans Le Noir, Clerkenwell

Dans Le Noir, french for in the dark, is quite literally that: a snazzy meal, with the full restaurant experience, in pitch black.

With blind service staff guiding you through the meal, it’s a sense enveloping abyss from start to finish. You choose from three mystery menus (meat, fish or vegetarian) and there’s nothing quite like eating familiar flavours which you can’t quite place- you definitely learn to appreciate just how important sight is in the art of eating. It could so easily be a novelty, but Dans Le Noir actually has 10 restaurants across Europe, and their London location has been open for 11 years.



Want to try an afternoon tea that’s less about dainty cucumber sandwiches/early grey, and more about meat/fries/milkshake-y goodness? Maybe the perfect spot to take a reluctant other half who doesn’t believe in afternoon tea as a pastime because it’s not “filling enough”? Well the BRGR.CO afternoon tea is not only a steal at £17 but it’s a refreshing change from the traditional offerings from other London foodie spots. Think sliders, mini doughnuts & carnival style snack sized fun finger food. This is low key, casual and delicious food, that definitely constitutes as an unusual afternoon out!


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Attendant, Fitzrovia

An underground Victorian public toilet turned semi hipster coffee shop, welcome to Fitzrovia’s Attendant. With original fixtures from 1890, such as the urinals, on show and plenty of quirky modern features, greenery, and great lighting; it’s a great and unusual space for a light brunch or peaceful coffee.


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Pissed it all up the wall.

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Inamo, Covent Garden & other locations

This neon lit Asian restaurant has one particularly unique angle, perfect for the social introvert inside of you; and that is that your table is interactive and everything is done through the interface. Yep, it means so awkward gesturing for attention and trying to maintain eye contact but not too much eye contact whilst you place your order. First launched in 2008, Inamo was the first of its kind, and ahead of its time, and is still one of the only spots in London which had this super chic concept. You can play games with your dining partners, check out the super interactive menu to place your order, and even play the artist and virtually graffitti your table top. Although not a super cheap meal, you are paying for both the experience and the tasty food- make sure you try the miso aubergine too, as it’s a particular delight!

Dinner entertainment 🤓🤓

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Sketch, Green Park

We’ve mentioned Sketch before for a beautiful pastel pink afternoon tea which super luxe items on the menu such as various varieties of caviar and a long champagne menu. But Sketch is so much more than simply fancy food; it’s a kawaii, feminine and super artistic space full of creativity in every embellished corner. Whether you go for breakfast, lunch or dinner, just take the time to breathe in and appreciate your stunning designer surroundings and no trip is ever complete without nipping to the loo and snapping a signature Sketch toilet selfie.

Interior Goals

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Hipchips, Soho

I’m not sure if this exactly qualifies as a restaurant as gorging yourself with various kinds of crisps isn’t quite a meal? But I’m including Hipchips anyway because A) Potatoes, and B) Garnishes for said Potatoes.
Hipchips is quite an unusual concept; a funky diner which revolves entirely around their house cooked crisps, and things to dip those crisps in. There’s a lot of creativity involved in the menu, and surprisingly there are both savoury and sweet option to keep everyone happy. If you love crisps, and let’s face it who doesn’t, then swing buy and have a little taste.

Who knew chips and dips could be such a satisfying meal, and so filling!👌 . I thoroughly enjoyed these salty mixed British potato crisps (the purple ones were divine!) paired with several delectable dips: • Moroccan yoghurt – a spicy blend of Moroccan flavours (my fave) 🇲🇦 • Beetroot, gin, feta and maple – fresh and slightly sweet and PINK🍸 • Smoky cheese fondue with pickled red onion – served warm and sticky 🧀 • Katsu curry – creamy and spicy 🍛. . Loved the concept and they tasted amazing too! @wearehipchips📍Soho, London . . . . #eeeeeats #chipsanddip #travelgram #thisislondon #travelawesome #londonlife #streeteat #hipchips #foodporn #foodstagram #foodblogger #traveltheworld #igtravel #igfood #worlderlust #foodie #mytinyatlas #foodlover #foodphotography #infatuationlondon #londonfoodblogger #londonfood #passionpassport #traveldiaries #lovefood #londonlife #nomnomnom #timeoutlondon

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So, have we missed somewhere out? Is there a particular dish you love and want everyone else loving too? Let us know and submit a Top Bite!