Low key gems for high key foodies.

Salutations sweet Londoners.

So you may be wondering “Véro, what delights are you going to introduce us to today?” And that, my love, is a fine question. Today we are looking at the little gems you will not find without my gentle guiding hand.

Probably because they have very little online presence and that’s how we find everything these days. We’re the modern generation. Noice.

Without further delay, let’s do this, yes?

Mr Bao, Peckham

So you’ve heard of Bao (and ofc you have, who hasn’t?) but have you heard of MR Bao? No relation.
Mr Bao is an independant spot in what I like to call the Peckham foodie triangle. It’s a literal triangle where each side is lined with some snazzy little eateries. Taiwanese deliciousness, it is all about the bao here. Their signature is a pork belly/peanut/pickle affair (…yes…yes similar to Bao’s. Yes also delicious. Yes you can compare and judge for yourself which you prefer.)

Surprisingly, Mr Bao also has a fresh and varied vegan menu; finally a place where vegans and non-vegans can dine together in cohesive harmony.

It’s Peckham, so pricing are very reasonable and you can eat well for 20 quid a head. Not too shabby.

Yard Sale Pizza, Hackney

Pizza is acceptable at any time of the year, for any occasion, at any time of the day. Yard Sale is my kinda messy; you would be forgiven for walking past it and thinking it was, you know, a junk shop. A pleasing, slightly hipster junk shop, but a junk shop nonetheless.

Pizzas come in two sizes, both impressive: 12 inches or 18 inches. Yes. I know my male readers everywhere are panicking right now.

If you enjoy a good foodie menu item name, then you’ll probably get a kick out of their pizzas titles. I mean take THE POTATER (Vegan. Potato and shallots, with vegan holy f*ck mayo). Yes. The Potater: it’s almost poetic in its beauty, isn’t it?

Salads. Sides. A san pellegrino to wash it down like the classy act you are; what else could you want?

Kerbisher & Malt, Shepards Bush

I know we’re starting to think about summer and all that jazz but as I write this, the sky is a deep and heavy grey. By the time you read this, the sky will probably still be a deep and heavy grey.
So fish & chips are a sound choice.

Choose between haddock, cod, plaice and coley (fancy) and have it battered, grilled, or matzo crusted- all under £8, and a generous portion of chips is only £2.75 on top of that so I think we can agree it’s hardly a horrific spending experience.

There are many traditional and less traditional sides to add if you wanna pimp your dish, and the variations on calamari are something special.

In short; Kerbisher & Malt is a cute little oasis with an emphasis on good and SOUL WARMING FOOD.

Supawan, Kings Cross

Excellent Thai food in London, where to go? Please don’t say Rosa’s Thai Cafe, I don’t want to go to Rosa’s Thai cafe. So, Rosa’s Thai cafe to one side, where else is a sound choice? Honestly, there’s just not that many options for great Thai food in London.

Supawan is casual, homely and offers really really delicious food. Fried chicken wings stuffed with yet more chicken? Aromatic duck curry? Phuket style five spice pork belly? Everything is cheap and cheerful and seasoned to perfection and you are unlikely to find it on the ‘gram because the lighting is nowhere near as good as the food and therefore diners tend to eat over photograph each dish as soon as they’re served.

So, want to go out to eat and actually just eat? Boom.

La Ferme, Primrose Hill

Did you know that I am half French? No? Well I am, and let me tell you, that inner Frenchy just cries out for a good baguette and some camembert every now and then. There are a handful of good French restaurants in London, however they tend to be pretty pricey and few and far between.

La Ferme has two locations- Exmouth Market and Primrose Hill- but for the purposes of this article we’re focusing on the dainty and very cosy Primrose Hill location.

The menu can be pricey, but there is always a three course for £25 offering available (or two courses for £20, but who doesn’t want dessert?) It’s very French. Snails. Charcuterie. Foie Gras. You know the deal okay; if it’s rich and will clog up your arteries then yes it’s probably French.

La Ferme is pretty low key- the lighting is romantic and subtle, and whilst buzzing, it’s a quiet space best served for intimate conversations between yourself and your loved ones.