We paid a visit to Black Bream in Fulham last month for the April Food Meat. Some of you will be wondering why as it isn’t in the most convenient location for everyone.

  1. It is never about the distance but the quality of food and people you eat with.
  2. My friend Vero (who couldn’t make it eventually due to unforeseeable circumstances) highly recommends it. She has very good taste and she travels 90 minutes to this side of London just for brunch at Black Bream.
  3. Not easy to find a quality restaurant in zone 1 with affordable price and can accommodate the 20 of us.

Unlike the usual meet-ups, this one is a bit more complicated as it’s a small restaurant so we had to pre-order our food which can be difficult especially if people drop out with short notice. Usually Black Bream only do Sunday roast menu on Sundays but the owner Leon was very kind to offer us the brunch menu as well.

Sunday brunch at @blackbreamsw6 where we had a blast yesterday at my Food Meat #2. We ordered majority of the dishes on the menu and they were all very good and great value. This includes ·  Sunday Roast with rib eye/lamb ·  Scrambled eggs with salmon ·  Bacon with cream cheese and poached eggs & Hollandaise ·  Smoked salmon, crushed avocado, poached egg & Hollandaise ·  Seared foie gras with poached egg ·  Beef tartare ·  Tuna tataki Thank you so much @blackbreamsw6 for having us! Food was superb and service was great. Will defo come back again! Thank you so much all my dear attendees. Wouldn’t have happened without the support from you guys. I feel so touched when someone said she came all the way from Lewisham! And thank you @wingypoops for all the hard work, sounds easy hosting an event but actually a lot of work is required behind the scenes. For those of you who didn't come, SHAME ON YOU! Just kidding, hope to see you in the next one in May! If anyone has any great suggestions please let us know! w/ @wingypoops @marjan.focus @fernandherfood @lickyplate @taradvisor_london @bestlondonfood @momentosbymal @countrygirlcityfood @chris.jerram @hanskwan1 @cen.soreship @theyeolife @moe_visuals @alvinswleung @zhoira #yolkporn #eggyolk #sundayroast #foodmeat #kingken_photography #breakfast #breakfastlondon #wlti_202b

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I ordered Sunday roast with rib eye. Have had plenty of Sunday roast but always with roast beef so this is my first time having it with rib eye. Meat quality of rib eye was very good with fair amount of fats as you would expect. Served with the usual Yorkshire puddings, roast potatoes and carrots. Generous portion and great value.

While the others had

Beef tartare. Approved by a French foodie.

Bacon cream cheese muffin

Smoked Salmon, Scrambled Egg & Brioche Toast

Smoked Salmon, Crushed Avocado, Poached Egg & Hollandaise On A Toasted Muffin

Seared Foie Gras, Poached Egg On A Toasted Muffin

Tuna tataki

Thank you everyone for coming!