Hi It’s brunch time!

Today we’re at Catalyst! Coffee specialists who roast their own beans on site, and have become quite renowned in the foodie sphere for their sweet and savoury brunch options. As per usual a giant thank you to our organisation queen Trista- profile here, who arranged for us to eat a lot of delicious food and drink some cracking coffee.


Just five minutes from Chancery Lane, Catalyst has a beautiful corner spot with not one but two floor to ceiling windows so that natural lighting just sweeps on in. It’s a big, clean space that just feels yen, with no clutter and sporadic dashes of green plantlife. In other words, it’s a photographer’s delight. With the notorious Prufrock and Press Coffee not so far away, it’s an area brimming with good speciality coffee shops. So if you’re really into your beans, then this is a little snippet of London you’ll want to explore fully.


Organic lighting, check, white walls with tasteful minimalist decor, check, a super linear coffee bar, check. What does that give us? A really nice and casual space where you can meet up for food with friends for drinks and good food (they make a cracking espresso martini). It’s also the perfect place for getting lost into a good book- just find yourself a little spot for some solo time.


Food! So, the brunch menu is full of fresh, fun, seasonal offerings that suit carnivores, vegetarians and vegans alike. Their Mediterranean inspired dishes have unique twists on classic menu items. The pancakes don’t come in a stack, but as one massive, fluffy pancake, topped with poached fruit and a delicious syrup. The blueberry banana bread is toasted, slathered in pistachio butter and served with fruit and cream. Savoury dishes like the avo babaganoush on toast are huge, messy, and delicious. And the onglet steak with beetroot tops hits every spot. It’s rare to find place that has something for everyone, but at Catalyst the chef has put equal thought into each and every dish.

Why it’s great for a group

The cocktails are a delicious steal at £7 each, and £4 for non-alcoholic alternatives means that nobody is left out. Dishes are generous in size and if you order a few amongst yourselves, they make great sharing plates. For our group of twenty we ordered 2 plates of everything! And then we fought to the death for the last bites.
Whether it’s in a group setting or not, I can’t wait to go back with my game face and empty stomach ready to go.