Clos Maggiore: Voted The Most Romantic Restaurant in London

Based in Covent Garden, Close Maggiore has won endless awards for being the most romantic restaurant in London. Given I didn’t even know an award like that existed, I thought I should find out why this gem seems to always feature at the top of the list.

With my recent obsession of foliage filled restaurants and cafes, this was obviously next on my hit-list. I booked the table about 2 hours before turning up and unfortunately did not get a table in the pretty flower-filled room (you have to book a few months before for that!). We were seated in their upstairs dining room, which although was not draped in my longed for foliage, it had a warm ambience and there was a lovely fireplace.

We went for the lunchtime set menu and ordered the onion soup for the starter and the salmon main. The food is absolutely top-notch, cooked to perfection. The onion soup was rich with flavour with just the right amount of creaminess. The focaccia bread that I had with it was the fluffiest and very light. The salmon was just as good and I loved that there were hazelnuts in the dish as well which added something different to the flavour and texture.

The Desserts are also quite something….