5 Amazing Pancake Places So Good Your Wife Might Forgive You For A Less Than Satisfactory February 14th

Pancake Day Is Fast Approaching

So Valentine’s was rough. Jen in accounting got a balloon bouquet which you didn’t even know was a thing. Your commute home was inclusive of pressing up against equally panicked spouses desperately clutching their last minute purchases and bouquets. And you are no different. Yours is a semi-wilted, kind of crushed mix of tulips and whilst your wife may not particularly like tulips, flowers are flowers, right?

No no. No no.

So, you’re in the dog house. You are so deep inside the kennel, you’ve forgotten what sunlight feels like. It’s not too late to bring it back, but you need to bring out the big guns. Your wife is a pancake gal.

Don’t worry, son, I gotchu.

Greenwich Grind, Cutty Sark

This aesthetically pleasing spot is a millennial neon dream. There is so much natural sunlight and greenery you’d be forgiven for thinking you’ve managed to escape the grey smog of everyday life which could be London.

The dishes, seasonal and forever changing, are a delight. The pancakes? A generously thick stack topped with that quintessential English classic of strawberries and cream.

They’re big enough to share.

Wife’s forgiveness success rate: 7/10

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Fuwa Fuwa, Russell Square

Light and fluffy, they’re a treat on your lips and not so much a concern to the hips. The first Japanese soufflé pancake spot in London, you will demolish your plate all too quickly. Awful I know. It absolutely does justify your ordering of another plate or two in the same sitting.

The classic with Chantilly, syrup and honeycomb butter is a holy trinity combo of joy. It will forever be my go to on a terrible day.

Wife’s forgiveness success rate: 9/10

Where The Pancakes Are, London Bridge

Really hope you both actively like pancakes because that is literally the whole menu. That’s right! It’s a pancake specialist.

Sweet pancakes? Of course. Savoury pancakes? They’ve got you covered. Dutch babies? Yes, the baked oven pancakes which are trickier to find in London can be found here. Like I said, WTPA may only do pancakes, but they take them very seriously and do them well. There’s a lot of natural lighting too, so you can gaze upon your beloved’s beauty whilst snaffling a bite or two from her plate.

Wife’s forgiveness success rate: 7/10 (6/10 if you snaffle too many bites).

Cafe Miami, Clapton

Do not open up your invitation with, “Hey baby I’m taking you to Miami”, because she will not appreciate the trip to Lower Clapton no matter how good the pancakes are.

An adorable little spot which is all pastel and all art deco. This is the perfect place for quirky breakfast dining, all hours of the day.

Wife’s forgiveness success rate: 8/10

Burnt Toast Cafe, Brixton

A great name for a really great place, naturally your wife’s expectations are going to be low. “Burnt Toast?” She might say with that casual eye roll you know and love, “sounds familiar.”

This cosy venue is all about a small selection of perfectly executed dishes. You can have their house pancakes with maple syrup and bacon, or seasonal fruit. It’s no frills, straight up deliciousness and the portion sizes are generous.

Wife’s forgiveness success rate: 9/10 (almost guaranteed and you’re welcome).