Solo Dining: Best of Central London

A lot of people are scared of dining solo, but I happen to love it and it’s often the easiest way to snag a seat at some of the hottest spots in the city…

Let’s face it, you’ve had a tough day at work, you’re exhausted, you don’t have the energy to have a conversation with another human being, or maybe you’ve been cancelled on at the last minute. Regardless, you just want a delicious meal to make all of your worries go away. Let me introduce you to one of the best things in life: solo dining. There’s no need to be anxious or feel sad and awkward, eating alone is pretty amazing and you definitely don’t have to settle for cafes or quick informal spots. So here’s a list of some of the hottest restaurants in Central London that are perfect for you as a solo diner:

Bocca Di Lupo:

All of the menu items have small and large portion sizes and prices, plus all of the fried items (think courgette flowers or balls of buffalo mozzarella) are priced by the individual piece too. For a relatively posh restaurant, this is a fab feature to cater to all sorts of diners! And to top it all off, the bar seats are held back for walk-ins only and have a perfect view of chefs masterfully tossing pasta and joyfully shouting in Italian.

BAO Fitz:

Head here for a solo lunch and opt for the ‘mini bao set’ – a smaller version of each of their five best selling baos, which offers a great little tasting selection for someone who doesn’t have a dining partner to share the wider menu with (or who perhaps just doesn’t want to…)

My kind of 5 a day 😏 [mini bao set] @bao_london #hngryldnr

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The name says it all: BARRA-fina – it’s bar seating only, which automatically lends itself to solo diners. There’s no need to fight over the last shrimp or how to evenly divide the lush Spanish tortilla, because solo tapas means picking a few beautiful dishes and having them all to yourself. And, it has a Michelin star…


Massive cuts and joints of meat are cooked on an open fire in the middle of the restaurant and then butchered right in front of you – pure entertainment. It’s loud, there’s a great playlist and delicious cocktails; you’ll hardly realise you’re there by yourself. Plus, the daily selection of meats are portioned by the 100g – perfect for a bespoke solo serving size.

St. JOHN – Smithfield (Bar):

This light and airy section of St. JOHN (Smithfield location) has the incredible food which the restaurant group is known for, but in a more casual setting. Order at the bar, eat on rickety wooden tables and grab something from the bakery to takeaway for later.

Sushi Tetsu:

Say goodbye to not being able to get a booking at this famous sushi bar; as a solo diner, just give them a ring and more often than not, you’ll have your pick of dates and times! Since the restaurant only has 7 seats, it’s a really intimate experience and you’ll end up having conversations with all of the other guests anyways.

The Barbary:

Queues of up to 90 minutes? No thanks! But show up solo and you’ll probably be seated within 15 minutes. This fast paced restaurant turns over parties of all sizes multiple times in an evening, but since it’s bar seating only, there’s often a single empty seat somewhere in the shuffle. With views into the amazingly fit out central kitchen and chefs more than willing to have a laugh, this is the ideal spot for a fun meal all by your lonesome!

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