Chringuito, Bethnal Green.

Let’s talk about Chringuito.

Where? Bethnal Green, head five steps out of the station and literally on the grounds of the V&A’s Childhood Museum, you will find this snazzy little venue.

What? Coffee, drinks and delicious all day Spanish dining. Lunches? Bar snacks? Tapas? Si y me gusta.

Why should you know about it? Um because you need to spice up your life and find the next hot spot and I just want to keep you in the really cool loop?

Yah. You’re welcome.

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Pear and sage sour. Il Capitano.

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So this ex-loo turned venue is perfect for the coming summer days as it has a very tempting and extensive drinks menu. A drinks menu which, FYI, you can enjoy on it’s very own rooftop bar. That’s right, things just got elevated (literally).

And now? Now they also serve Sunday lunch. And you guessed it, it’s very good. When we went to try it out, we had ourselves the Carne Asada- which is British slow cooked rump with rosemary and served with a pour over beef gravy. Very tender and seasoned very nicely, if you’re a rump lover then you’ll tuck in and enjoy.

We also tried the Pollo Pachamanca which is a Peruvian speciality and you’re essentially served half a slow roasted chicken with a thick, super addictive gravy. Nandos this is not. This is one classy bird.

All roasts are served with a great medley of vegetables- courgettes, carrots, broccoli and potatoes. The potatoes are so delicious you’ll eat all of yours and then all of your partner’s too. Probably. You may fight over them. If they love you, they’ll let you win okay.

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Sunday roast done proper. Little cocktail in the back. Noice.

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The aforementioned cocktail menu has gem after gem, especially if you’re a fan of the more unusual. Pear & Sage Sour? Fig Old Fashioned? Yes and yes I’ll take four.

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The most baller roasts in Bethnal Green

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