Balthazar Bakery, Covent Garden

Balthazar the restaurant is a classy affair.

Champagne, afternoon tea, smart dress and shoes that have absolutely not graced the linoleum floors of a Starbucks or KFC.

Balthazar the bakery retains all of the glossy french charm and none of the pretension. It’s just good, buttery pastries and a charming little interior. And there is zero judgement if you walk in holding a caramel frap okay.

The venue itself is tiny, seats about six, so I tend to grab and go. In the summer, you can buy yourself a very nice lunch/treat/snack/breakfast/do you need a reason to eat something delicious?/etc and walk for all of twenty seconds into Covent Garden. I quite like to sit on the steps under the columns and enjoy the bustle.

I have enjoyed every single thing I’ve ever purchased from here, so, when I coerced two fellow foodies to join me for a morning of eating, I’m glad to inform y’all that the standard remain high and the products remain delicious.

So what do we have here?

Carrot cake. Dense, delicious, so damn moreish. Sweet and tangy cream cheese is a decent ratio to the actual cake and there’s the added bonus of caramelised pecans which are top notch.

Galette de rois. Now the pastry could be flakier, the frangipane could be more almondy, but this is a good effort for the king of cakes.

Banana cake. Fluffy and addictive, studded with little bites of walnut and topped with a very thick caramel sauce. It’s a yes from me.

By far our fave, the nutella brioche is a resounding hit. It’s huge. It’s caramelised. It’s soft and pillowy inside. It’s got a heart of stretchy, gooey nutella. Really now, how can you not want this in your mouth?