7 Lunchtime Spots at Borough Market

Here at a mixture of seven places to try during lunchtime at Borough Market this summer.

A lover of street food and my daytime job by London Bridge means I spend most lunchtimes at Borough Market ticking most of the lunchtime vendors off my to-do list. It was tough to get a shortlist but below is a selection of seven of my favourite lunchtime treats to go for from sweet to savoury.

Street Food; Pie & Mash

With so much to choose from at Borough Market, there’s even more choice at Pieminster with their wide-range of excellent, tasty pies on their menu. Pieminister’s menu doesn’t have many traditional names with the specialties such as Moo & Blue or Fungi Chicken but are extremely tasty. Your pie of choice, mash, mushy peas and gravy will set you back £6 at lunchtime so very reasonably priced and perfect for a Friday lunch treat. Pieminister also has a restaurant in Brixton so if you’re East or South and in the mood for a British classic, head over to find these guys.

Greedy Goat
Street Food; Ice Cream

Straight to the sweet option but hardly unsurprising once you’ve had one. Greedy Goat’s lactose goat milk’s ice cream stand offers a more healthy alternative still with plenty of choice of ice cream flavours. If you’re looking for a sweet treat with a different kind of taste, then go and find Greedy Goat.

Le Marché Du Quartier
Street Food, French

Now I can say from experience (more than once) that this is as good as sandwich you’ll find at Borough Market. Their Duck Confit speciality is packed full of duck so much so that you can just about see the bread. Coming in either a bun or ciabatta for their sandwich or a salad box if you’re feeling healthy, I definitely recommend stopping off here.


Restaurant, Pasta

The best value for money pasta in London. Everytime I’ve walked past Padella there is always a huge lunchtime queue and once you’ve tried their menu you’ll understand why. An ever-changing daily menu with a variety of pasta dishes to choose from, Padella also offer an antipasti and extensive wine list to match. If you’ve got the time to queue then Padella is definitely worth the wait.

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Gourmet Goat
Street Food, Mediterranean

If you’re looking for some different with a variety of meats and flavours, then go find Gourmet Goat. Somewhat hidden away from the other street food vendors, work your way through the Borough Market maze to find them. A meat and veggie menu that has everything from wraps to pilaf bowls and salad bowls with goat, veal and halloumi to choose from. My personal recommendation is their goat kofta with fresh chilli, salad and tzatziki sauce, perfect for a summers lunch.

Bread Ahead Bakery
Street Food, Bakery

A mixture of savoury and sweet, Bread Ahead is my go-to bakery at Borough Market. A selection of fresh breads, brownies, pastries and much more to choose from is ideal for a sweet afternoon treat or some fresh bread for a weekend home cooked brunch if you live close by on a Saturday. They are also based at Kingly Court and Chelsea if you can’t get over to East London to try out Bread Ahead.

All great weekends start with great bread. #breadahead #sourdough #bread

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Street Food & Restaurant, Spanish

I had to end the article with the best of both. Brindisa have both a street food stand offering sandwiches packed full of juicy chorizo and a restaurant with a full Spanish tapas menu to choose from perfect for a summer’s midweek dinner with friends. Serving a wide selection of hot and cold tapas at reasonably priced, Brindisa is perfect to stop off for a lunchtime takeaway or a dinner sit-down.

If there is anywhere else you enjoy at Borough Market I’ve missed then message me @londonfoodie1!

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