Top Indian Restaurants in London Part II

What is better than a “Ruby Murray”? The answer is of course a “posh” curry.

The Indian restaurant market has been undergoing a renaissance over the past few years, as more and more eateries are moving away from the archetypal prosaic curry houses and are aspiring towards delivering innovative and high quality dishes in an opulent setting that is revolutionising the Indian restaurant industry.

In no particular order, here are my Top 5 Contemporary Indian Restaurants that will wow your palate.

1. Cinnamon Kitchen Battersea

Restaurant: Situated inside a railway arch, the restaurant pays homage to the industrial sector due to being located next to the prominent Grade II listed Battersea Power Station, with its exposed bricks and a metal cage mezzanine, but also provides a stylish ambiance due to furnishings such as luxurious racing green banquettes and a chic marble bar.

What to order: “Clove smoked Lamb Rump” was simply divine. The lamb rump was prepared to a requested medium rare, and was succulent, tender and bursting with natural umami flavours. The sauce had a hint of glorious spice that brought all the components of the dish together to deliver a wonderful gastronomical experience. Chicken and Lamb are Halal.

2. Indian Accent

Restaurant: Located in Mayfair, do I need to say anymore? The venue is smart and elegant, with British Colonial green running through the decor. The brain child of Manish Mehrotra, hailed as one of the top Indian chefs, the restaurant delivers modern, avant-garde dishes with a hint of “Indian Accent”.

What to order: “Ghee roast Lamb, Roomali Roti pancakes” is a creative and devilishly delicious dish. The moorishly flavoursome roast lamb eaten with flatbread is an ingenious take on peking duck and pancakes, and every bite delivered a different taste dimension due to an assortment of resplendent chutneys. Chicken and Lamb are Halal.

3. Chokhi Dhani

Restaurant: Located inside a new build in Battersea, the restaurant is the culinary progeny of the five-star Chokhi Dhani Hotel Group. Serving up traditional Rajasthani cuisine with a contemporary flair, and also providing a whole host of entertainment, such as magic acts to make their diners giddy with glee.

What to order: “Gosht Champien”, which are Cornish lamb cutlets were gloriously succulent and tender, and bursting with a subtle marinade of spices that will make you sing with delight. Chicken, Lamb and Rabbit are Halal.

4. Quilon

Restaurant: Quilon is a Michelin Star restaurant that was award the coveted plaudit in 2008 and has retained it ever since. Located in Victoria, next to its parent company, the prestigious Taj Hotel group, the restaurant specialises in South-West coastal Indian cuisine, with a focus on seafood.

What to order: “Fisherman’s catch” contains a cornucopia of treasures from the sea. From soft, sweet, sumptuous scallops to mouth watering crab that will transport your palate to an exotic beach paradise. Chicken and Lamb are Halal.

5. Hankies Marble Arch

Restaurant: Located inside the quintessentially deluxe Montcalm Hotel in Marble Arch, the decor provides for a sybaritic dining experience. The menu offers a fusion of tapas style Delhi street food dishes that have been revamped for the world of fine dining.

What to order: “GOSHT’ 5 Oz Ribeye” epitomises the fact that great things come in small packages. This adorably miniature ribeye steak was exquisitely moist, luscious and tender and was gloriously smothered in garlic, paprika and masala rub that provided a phenomenal taste sensation. All meats are Halal except Duck.

 Do you agree with my list? What would be on your top list?