Top 15 Asian Dessert Places in London

Asian desserts in London are going viral. Gone are the days where dessert after an Asian meal means banana fritters or a few slices of orange.

We’ve become very spoiled for choice over the recent years, with Asian dessert spots in London popping up left right and centre. There are way too many to mention in one list, but here are just 15 (just!) of my favourites.

1. Guo C 100

If you’re a fan of the famously pungent fruit and looking for durian in London, put Guo C 100 on your list. The mango durian snow ice is the silkiest-smooth shaved ice in London, with punchy mango and aromatic durian flavours (the latter of which isn’t too strong in smell for you to enjoy around durian-hating friends). If durian’s not your cup of tea, don’t worry – there are plenty of other things to choose from, including modern desserts like this shaved ice in various flavours, and old-school favourites like mango and sago in coconut milk.

Featured dessert: mango durian snow ice.

2. Tsujiri

Serving the best matcha soft serve creations in London, Tsujiri’s been around in Japan for over 150 years, and is now becoming a global favourite. With two branches in Central London, you can enjoy matcha and houjicha soft serves (and even vanilla for the friend you’re slowly trying to get into Asian desserts), sundaes, shaved ice, floats and recently small cakes and puddings too. And of course they serve great-quality Japanese teas, too.

Featured dessert: Tsujiri crispy sundae.

3. Lanka

~Giveaway at 2,000 followers~ The matcha roll cake and a rose green tea from @lanka_uk. I mentioned yesterday that no curry bread in London makes me happier than Wa Cafe's curry bread – but no Japanese patisserie in London makes me happier than Lanka. Of course they have absolutely stunning, beautiful, delicious and delicate cakes, but the staff are so lovely and the atmosphere is so peaceful – and the green tea is high quality stuff. Come here early for one of the very few seats, but not too early so you get the full choice of cakes freshly-made. . . . #londonfoodie #patisserie #japanesedessert #japanesefood #asianfoodporn #washoku #teaandcake #teaoclock #teatime #rollcake #swissroll #matcha #matchacake #greenteacake #matchaholic #matchaaddict #matchagram #greentea #cakegram #cakesofinstagram #londoneats #dessertgram #afternoontea #eaterlondon #lefooding #food52 #londonlife #sundaytreat #metime

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A North London institution, Lanka is a cosy Japanese-French fusion patisserie. The selection of gorgeous cakes, from sponge cakes to mousse cakes, makes for agonising decision-making. Many are seasonal too, so there’s always something new to try. But whatever cake you choose, you won’t be disappointed.

Featured dessert: matcha roll cake.

4. Wa Cafe

Another Japanese bakery in London, Wa Cafe is based in West London and many are willing to travel for their cakes. Like Lanka they have their all-year-round staples and their seasonal treats, for example, sakura cakes in spring. Each cake is made with love and again, you won’t be disappointed with whatever you choose.

Featured dessert: sakura roll cake.

5. Fuwa Fuwa

Purveyors of the fluffiest, jiggliest pancakes in London, Fuwa Fuwa specialise in Japanese souffle-style pancakes. These puffy treats come with a variety of topping combinations, from popcorn and miso caramel (think salted caramel but so much better) to matcha cream and red bean.

Featured dessert: pandan pancakes (photo credit: @kingken_photography).

6. Candy Cafe

An old Chinatown dessert cafe favourite, Candy Cafe offers both hot traditional desserts like sticky rice dumplings in syrup and bananas stewed in sweet coconut milk, and modern Asian desserts like colourful shaved ice dishes. There are also desserts like crepes on offer, making it another good spot for an indecisive group of friends! It’s a great spot to chill out in with a bubble tea too.

Featured dessert: shaved ice with aiyu jelly, red beans and matcha ice cream (photo credit: @poorbuthungry).

7. Yolkin

Coming in a rainbow of flavours that change regularly, Yolkin is famous for their incredibly Instagrammable macaron ice cream sandwiches. Look out for flavours like lychee rose, matcha Oreo, pandan coconut, taro and milk tea.

Featured dessert: blueberry cheesecake and pandan coconut macaron sandwiches.

8. Nosteagia

One of the first people to bring crazy ice cream bubble waffles to London before bubble waffles exploded in popularity here, Nosteagia has a suggested menu and also the option to build your own. They also offer vegan options, so everyone wins! They offer a good range of bubble teas, too.

Featured dessert: milk tea bubble waffle with coffee jelly.

9. Mamasons Dirty Ice Cream

Blogging about ice-cream worked, the sun is back! Better keep it up. 😂 I finally got to try the ube brownie at @mamasonsdirtyicecream 😍 It's packed full of white chocolate chunks and has a lovely subtle ube flavour. Usually it comes with ube ice cream, but since I was already having this in the halo-halo I opted for matcha instead. . . . #londonfoodie #instafoodie #asianfoodporn #filipinofood #dessert #chocolatebrownie #purplesweetpotato #matchaicecream #matcha #matchaholic #matchaaddict #matchagram #rainbowfood #unicornfood #icecream #foodstagram #foodgram #dessertporn #sweettooth #asianfood #foodwriter #londoneats #dessertgram #tastelondon #lefooding #buzzfeast #foodblogger #omnomnom #toplondoneats

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London’s first Filipino dessert shop, Mamason’s desserts look and taste fabulous. Their bilogs (warm toasted white bread buns packed with ice cream) sell out fast, while their black buko ice cream (coconut and activated charcoal) is the stuff of Instagram dreams.

Featured dessert: ube brownie with matcha ice cream.

10. Bobajam

This London Asian dessert veteran has something for everyone: bubble tea, shaved ice desserts, brick toast, brownies, waffles and more. If you have a group of friends who can’t agree on what they want for dessert, this is a great place to go.

Featured dessert: brick toast, grass jelly and pudding, mango pudding.

11. Sakurado

A massive THANK YOU to Mei and the awesome team at @sakurado.desserts today. I had a fantastic bento lunch there today, along with some matcha treats (of course 😁). Expect a few more posts as I review each component – but for now here are just a few of their delicious cake offerings: featuring strawberry shortcake sponge, matcha mille crepe, matcha tiramisu, matcha cheesecake and matcha roll cake. There are non-matcha cakes too of course, but you guys know me. 🙈💚 . . . #matcha #matchalover #matchaholic #matchacake #cakegram #cakesofinstagram #strawberryshortcake #dessertgram #dessertporn #cakeporn #teaandcake #washoku #japanesefood #greentea #asianfoodporn #matchatiramisu #millecrepe #crepecake #cheesecake #matchacheesecake #eatdessertfirst #instacake #instadessert #londonfoodie #instafoodie #lefooding #letsgofordessert #londonhiddengems #eaterlondon #culturetripfood

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Putney-based Sakurado is a small but perfectly-formed Japanese cake shop oasis in London. They serve lovely bento lunches too, but whatever you do, save room for matcha cakes!

Featured dessert: matcha cakes.

12. Kova

Back in London, baby! If you were wondering, *yes* I did find matcha in Poland… but when you're only in Poland for a couple of days, you gotta enjoy Polish food right? Now I'm back, I'm back on the matcha train. 😂 The matcha yuzu mousse from @kovapatisserie is divine – the right combination of sweet, tangy, bitter and fragrant. I love the mouthwatering sharpness of the yuzu creme in the centre against the bitter smoothness of the matcha. . . . #londonfoodie #entremet #mirrorcake #matchacake #greenteacake #moussecake #letsgofordessert #dessertbae #beautifulfood #sweettooth #dessertlover #cakebreak #matchaaddict #matchagram #matchalover #asianfoodporn #japanesefood #foodblogger #foodwriter #londoneats #tastelondon #culturetripfood #cakecakecake #patisserie #cakesofinstagram #foodiepics

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A tiny Japanese style bakery, Kova is a great little place for a quick tea and cake. It’s one of the first places that brought crepe cakes to London – not the first ever, but definitely amongst the first few to offer a variety of them.

Featured dessert: matcha yuzu cake.

12. Bake

… Ok in my defence, I walked 20km today and this is the only other thing I've eaten today other than the matcha parfait. I skipped breakfast this morning so the parfait after Japanese class was brunch… then I went on an epic London walk to Maltby Street Market where I planned to get something substantial to eat… but ended up not buying anything. I then walked all the way across the river to Bank, where I took the tube to Warren Street and walked all the way down back to Leicester Square. Which is where I decided I needed a reward from this place I've also been eyeing up in Chinatown. The taiyaki waffle is perfectly crisp, and the serving of matcha ice cream very generous. Good thing I also plan on going to the gym tonight… #taiyaki #matchaicecream #greenteaicecream #matcha #londonfoodie #chinatown #instafoodie #asianfoodporn #japanesefood #waffles #dessert #eatdessertfirst #fatty #unhealthy #icecream #seconddessert #timeforgym #totallyworthit #iregretnothing #myfeetarefallingoff #ideservethis

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This East Asian bakery offers a tasty variety of Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Malaysian treats, but the most photo-worthy definitely goes to their taiyaki ice creams. Taiyaki is usually a Japanese fish-shaped pancake filled with sweet red bean paste, but there it’s been modernised and kicked up a notch.

Featured dessert: matcha ice cream taiyaki.

13. Tombo Poke and Matcha Bar

Originally based in South Kensington and then branching out into Fitzrovia, Tombo has long been a great place for matcha soft serve. The cafe also sells various cakes and other sweet treats, from mochi to cheesecake.

Featured dessert: purple sweet potato roll cake.

14. Gaza

👉Swipe for slow-mo pouring action!👉 The melon bingsu at @gaza_soho 🍈 This may be my new favourite flavour, even above mango and – dare I say – matcha bingsu. 😱 You get SO MUCH MELON. Some of you might remember I posted a selfie with their long long coffee cup a couple of weeks ago – turns out I won 3rd prize of their selfie competition. 😂 Thank you Gaza! . . . #bingsu #koreanfood #hallyu #asianfoodporn #asiandessert #shavedice #icecream #melonbingsu #patbingsu #icecreamsundae #actionshot #condensedmilk #summerfood #bankholiday #sunnyday #dessertgram #dessertporn #sweetlife #fruitbowl #letsgofordessert #dessertbae #tastelondon #eaterlondon #f52grams #food52 #londonfoodie #foodblogger #foodwriter

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The milk ice of Gaza’s bingsus is like snow, and comes with a huge variety of toppings to choose from. They also serve rice burgers, which are good – but don’t leave without a bingsu!

Featured dessert: melon bingsu.

15. The Place

Technically more a cafe rather than dessert spot, The Place is an unassuming but cosy spot in New Malden offering various cakes, bingsus and honey toasts. It’s a peaceful place to relax with a coffee and cake.

Featured dessert: matcha roll cake.

What’s your favourite Asian dessert place in London? Submit a Top Bite and let us know!

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