Top 10 Matcha Ice Creams in London

We’re taking the matcha craze into summer with these top 10 matcha ice cream places in London!

Believe it or not thanks to the weather, summer is coming to London. Honest. Which means only one thing in the foodie world: ice cream. Matcha makes the perfect ice cream flavour for those who don’t like their desserts overly sweet: the bitterness of the ground green tea is perfect for balancing out all the sugar, while completing the smoothness of the cream.

There are many places in London that serve matcha ice cream, but for the purposes of this list I’ve included only places where it’s one of the main features of the brand and you can take the ice cream away – and, of course, only the best.

1. Tsujiri

Over 150 years old (literally from Japan’s late Edo period), Tsujiri has been slowly conquering the world. Part teahouse part dessert house, their flavourful matcha ice-cream is a must-have. If you like your matcha strong, go for their 1.8x strength matcha soft serve at their Chinatown branch.

2. Bake

… Ok in my defence, I walked 20km today and this is the only other thing I've eaten today other than the matcha parfait. I skipped breakfast this morning so the parfait after Japanese class was brunch… then I went on an epic London walk to Maltby Street Market where I planned to get something substantial to eat… but ended up not buying anything. I then walked all the way across the river to Bank, where I took the tube to Warren Street and walked all the way down back to Leicester Square. Which is where I decided I needed a reward from this place I've also been eyeing up in Chinatown. The taiyaki waffle is perfectly crisp, and the serving of matcha ice cream very generous. Good thing I also plan on going to the gym tonight… #taiyaki #matchaicecream #greenteaicecream #matcha #londonfoodie #chinatown #instafoodie #asianfoodporn #japanesefood #waffles #dessert #eatdessertfirst #fatty #unhealthy #icecream #seconddessert #timeforgym #totallyworthit #iregretnothing #myfeetarefallingoff #ideservethis

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As mentioned in my Top 15 Asian Dessert Places in London article, Bake offers a great range of East Asian bakes as well as soft serve ice cream. You can be basic and order your matcha ice cream in a cone… or you can have it piped into a bubble waffle or a taiyaki fish waffle.

3. Milk Train

😍😍😍 London finally joins the candyfloss dessert party. A HUGE serving of matcha soft serve ice cream, sweet red bean, matcha brownie, puffed rice, chocolate wafer roll and a candyfloss cloud on biscuit wafer here yaaaaas. Some London-based Asian foodies might remember Nice Ice shaved ice at Hyper Japan and Comicon. This is their new place, and my new second home. 😂 Can't wait to try the hojicha soft serve. @milktraincafe Probably see you guys again embarrassingly soon! 😅💚 (Reposted now that hashtags are working again!) #matchaicecream #greenteaicecream #matchasoftserve #softserve #london #gourmeticecream #asianfoodporn #candyfloss #dessert #candyflossdessert #hipsterfood #candyflossicecream #freakshake #thursday #foodblogger #foodphotography #sweettooth #matchaaddict #matchabrownie #redbean #icecream #happiness #dessertporn #yaaaas #milktrain #icecreamcone

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One of the first to bring candyfloss to the dessert game in London on a large scale Milk Train is famous for their candyfloss cloud soft serves. Don’t forget to order lots of colourful toppings for the ultimate Instagram snap!

4. Tombo

This matcha soft serve @tombo_london ended up being a starter course. 😅 My friend and I were waiting for a third friend to arrive at the cafe, and while we waited we ended up getting an ice cream. It was SO worth it – the best matcha ice cream I've had since Kyoto. I can't seem to stop eating and making green things. In fact, even this weekend's Tashcakes! project is green… HOWEVER. It's neither matcha nor pandan flavoured. Can anyone guess what flavour it's going to be? >w< #eatdessertfirst #matcha #againiknow #matchaaddict #greentea #matchaicecream #matchasoftserve #softserve #icecreamcone #tombo #matchacafe #london #kawaiifood #japanesefood #asianfodporn #dessert #greenteaicecream #iregretnothing #greenfood #somebodystopme

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Originally based in South Kensington and now with a branch in Fitzrovia too, Tombo’s matcha ice cream is just the right combination of bitter, sweet, smooth and creamy.

5. Soft Serve Society

Another ‘grammable ice cream spot, Soft Serve Society often chances their flavours around, but matcha always seems to be a staple. Order it in a sundae or in a cone, and if you’re feeling fancy go nuts with their sprinkles and toppings.

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6. Machiya

Never too cold for ice cream 🍦😁 @machiyalondon #insta_132a

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Machiya’s a restaurant, but you can also order their soft serve ice creams to go as they are – which is why it’s made my list of matcha ice cream spots in London. Unlike some of the others there are no fancy toppings here: but sometimes simple is best.

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7. Japan Centre

Often overlooked on the ice cream front, the Japan Centre serves up some pretty good, smooth matcha soft serve, in the form of on a cone, in a cup or as a loaded sundae.

8. Scoop

I was (pleasantly) surprised to find matcha on the menu here! An Italian-style gelateria, scoop does have some more unique things on their menu as well as old favourites. If you like the bitter-smoothness of matcha, try pairing it with Scoop’s dark and intense chocolate sorbet.

9. Helu Cafe

A hidden gem in Hoxton, Helu Cafe does a mean matcha affogato, as well as the usual suspects (in a cone, in a bubble waffle etc). If you’re around East, it’s definitely worth popping in.

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10. Yorica

Everything. Here. Is. Free. From. Completely vegan, gluten-free, nut-free, everything: making it the perfect place to take that group of friends where everyone has a slightly different dietary requirement. Both the matcha ice cream and the matcha frozen yoghurt are smooth and creamy, and although not very strong in matcha flavour, delicious all the same.

Have more matcha ice cream spots in mind? Sign up and post your Top Bites here to let the foodie community know about it. Sharing is caring, after all!

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