A taste of Venezuela, with Cachitos

Have you ever tried a cachito?

Maybe you’re a big fan of the traditional Venezuelan treat, or maybe you’re frantically Googling it now so that you’re in the know.
Well put Google aside my friend, I’m here now.

So, what is a cachito?

A very popular breakfast for every kid growing up in Venezuela, the streets are said to be filled with the smell of freshly baked cachitos in the mornings. Perfect for grabbing on the way to school. These soft white rolls are a vessel for their fillings. Here, you can choose from delicious veggie options like spinach & ricotta to moreish meaty options such as their York ham & melting cheese. Baked fresh for that soft, buttery taste, these golden buns are both super versatile (the endless filling possibilities…) and incredibly comforting.

Where can I get them?

And this is where Vene Cachitos comes in! Based in Peckham with their own little cachitos factory. Vene Cachitos consists of super lovely couple Yoli & Angel, who have lived off and loved cachitos their whole lives. What started as hobby baking for family and friends turned into this exciting new business. Turns out they were just too delicious to be kept on the low down.

Just cachitos?

Nope! You can also buy lovely packs of alfajores which are too die for. These butter biscuits crumble and then melt in your mouth, and are filled with a super luscious dulce de leche. They’re also a damn steal at £1.50 for four. And they make both excellent gifts and personal pick me ups after a hard day at work.
More products are being released all the time. Keep your eye on their Instagram for pop up events and hot dishes which bring Venezuelan street food to South East London.

Okay I’m sold, where can I find them?

You can order via their delightful website for a London delivery or pick up from their Peckham kitchen. Enjoy!