Very good salt beef, very good value. It’s Salt Shed.

Did you know I was a vegetarian for ten years? Probably not because I mostly write about meat. I love meat- I mean I love food in general, but when it comes to my meat, I love good meat. If I’m gonna eat an animal, I don’t want it to be a waste of said animal. I want the good shizz.

The perfect munch on a cold day

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So when my lovely fellow foodie @Kingken (you know him probably), told me that he’d had an amazing plate of short ribs and fries, and that I needed to try them ASAP, I relented and went on the hunt. The destination? Salt Shed. The reason? Alleged best meat dish under a tenner and perfect for a casual meal.

The story of Salt Shed is a sweet and relatively simple one. Two long time buddies, dream team Laurence Stevens and Frank Sweeney, started curing salt beef at University for friends. Nice, yes? Turns out they had the knack for it. They decided to turn it into a full on viable career, which I’m very grateful for because yes, it is very good.

Taking the taste of East End London and turning it into some pretty high end plates of food, Salt Shed have mastered their signature dishes. Their salt beef biegels, crackling pig tails, and lamb steaks are all big hits with this new foodie generation who take dinner seriously. But, it’s the Short Ribs with chilli-churrie which I want to fangirl over okay.

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When I chatted to Laurence, one half of the Salt Shed duo, he gave me the low down on just how they manage to cook the perfect slab of beef. It’s a lot of work guys. I’m talking sous-vide, aggressive Argentinian flame grilling over coal & hardwood, and a sweet honey-mustard BBQ glaze. The result is a tender AF piece of meat that just MELTS. It’s a gorgeous thing to look at and devour.

Salt Shed cure every single thing in house- in fact, they’re the only folks in London to do so (feel free to @ me if I’m wrong). Which is just one more reason to head on down to one of their locations and give them a try.

You can find Salt Shed at the new Street Feast location in Woolwich on Fridays & Saturdays, Victoria Park Market on Sundays, and various Kerb locations during the week.

Salt shed baby.