Leicester Square Kitchen


Leicester Square is as iconic to London as Time Square is to New York, as the area is not just a cultural hub, with some of the best theatre shows in the world, but is also an entertainment epicentre, with numerous star-studded, glitzy, red carpet movie premiers. Furthermore, the heart of the West End would not be attracting over 2.5 millions tourists each week if it did not have some of the finest restaurants in the country.

The Restaurant

One of the top tier restaurants in Leicester Square is the aptly named Leicester Square Kitchen, which is part of the luxury Edwardian Hotels London.

The venue is uber trendy and modern; a great option if you’re looking to impress someone. The Mexican and Peruvian fusion cuisine, which is served as tapas style small plates, designed for sharing, is innovative to say the least.

Get ready for a sybaritic dining experience.

The Food

Expect fresh, spicy, citrusy, sweet and savoury flavours that will make your taste buds dance with delight.

An example of one of the many standout dishes were these Lamb Cutlets that were served on a hot rock plate. They were sumptuously succulent, juicy and zesty, that also had a touch of spice, which caresses the palate with a gloriously addictive subtle heat. These Lamb Cutlets are what dreams are made of.

A host of other dishes to keep even the most fastidious of diners happy.


No à la mode meal can be complete, unless paired with an equally chic dessert. These chocolate doughnuts, with decadent dulce de leche ice cream were gloriously divine. Each bite delivered a jubilant sensation, which was the perfect end to our Mexican and Peruvian culinary adventure.


As Londoners and non-Londoners, we all love Leicester Square, but I love Leicester Square a little bit more thanks to Leicester Square Kitchen.

If you want a culinary adventure, in a hip and trendy setting, in the middle of the famous West End, Leicester Square Kitchen will not disappoint.