Just How Mamma Makes It…

Another success from Richard Caring… Harry’s Dolce Vita is the next best thing to catching a flight to Rome!

A favourite page from Richard Caring’s London restaurant bible, Harry’s Dolce Vita (opposite Harrods) has been serving hungry Knightsbridge diners for well over a year now.
Serving up everything indulgent, Italian and with a nod to the era that invented the good life, Harry’s Dolce Vita is one of the best Italian eateries in London.

It holds real 60s style. The lighting is moody; the music is Frank Sinatra and the bar stools are wrapped in soft tan leather. If you order table water, it’s served in a vibrant coloured glass straight from the banks of Murano. But it’s not just the decor that takes you straight to Milano.

The food – in particular Harry’s Tagliolini (gratinated tagliolini with truffle, parmesan and cream) – is mouth-wateringly sinful. Their Seafood Spaghetti tastes straight off the Amalfi and the ambience? Fun, flirty and just the right amount of flashy! Visit straight from work, after a Saturday of shopping or on Date Night and you won’t feel out of place.

The only downside of Harry’s is that if you eat too much for mains, you might not leave quite enough room for Tiramisu. Yes, you might well regret it afterwards, but Harry’s Dolce Vita is truly Italian. Just how your mamma would make it, with a little Caprice Holdings glamour.