Hot Stone, Angel

So, what’s your opinion on sushi in London?

I get asked a lot for my recommendations for this. Like, a lot. It’s always “Véro, where can I get some good sushi?” and then, like six seconds later, “… and also how are you?”

Usually I don’t have a great answer for you; truthfully, I think it’s hard to find fresh and skillfully prepared Sushi here and I’d rather not suggest something mediocre. Fortunately, I no longer have to, because I’ve got a spot for you.

Hot Stone is unassumingly tucked away on Islington’s Chapel Market; it’s only five minutes on foot from Angel station, if that, so don’t think it requires some crazy navigation to reach. It doesn’t.

Upon entry, expect to be greeted with a chorus of hellos before being whisked away to your table. And the tables here are nicely spaced- there’s intimacy for all, making Hot Stone as suitable for a girls night as it is for a hot date.

Staff are lovely; they’re on top of the constantly evolving menu and have a drink rec for just about every dish as well as a dozen insights to give on each and every item. It’s always super reassuring when staff are genuinely loving their job; it shows that the restaurant is looking after everyone- not just the guests.

The menu is vast- and there’s something for all appetites. You can stick with sharing sushi, or go all in with the various larger dishes. Everything is good.

Favourites are hard to narrow down, but the blackened cod with yuzu sauce is a surprising star- beautifully moist and textured fish with that deliciously crisp skin, lightened with all the citrus zest.

The fatty tuna, king prawn, black truffle and caviar roll is one of the most bougie I have ever eaten and oh my gosh it works. The fishy prawn, mixed with fatty and tender tuna, with the earthy truffle and that final kick of salt with the caviar- all on a perfectly cooked rice base. Delicious.

You will of course have seen the sushi selection box all over your Instagram feed. It’s almost too beautiful to eat. Almost. If you’re going to get one item from Hot Stone, make sure you get this; it’s worth every penny.

And as you might have guessed, Hot Stone is all about that hot stone; brought to your table sizzling for all your self-cooking pleasure. Whilst there’s a delicious selection of fish and veg for you to opt from, the stars of the show are of course the Kobe beef (yes, the world’s most expensive beef) and a really, really big prawn. You’ll find it on the menu as the XXXL prawn, and it is indeed XXXL. Men everywhere be shaking.

So. You’ll want to go, yes? I recommend that you do. And if you do indeed go, go hungry.