Cake mush? You butter believe it!

Love cake? Well cake mush is the new dessert trend on the block. Don’t knock it til you’ve tried it!

There’s nothing like a classic sponge cake, but Spitalfields bakery Butter Believe it have transformed theirs into a whole new dessert experience. By blending up whole, frosted cakes, they’ve created ‘Cake Mush’. Served by the scoop in cute cups and topped with sprinkles and a swirl of buttercream, it’s a totally different way of enjoying this bakery’s fabulous cakes.

Butter Believe It started over in Amman, Jordan, when executive baker Haya set up a baking business in her mum’s kitchen. She soon outgrew that tiny space, and went on to conquer the whole city with her delicious cakes. Then in 2018, Haya and husband Yazan moved to London to keep on spreading the buttery deliciousness, and set up her floral-fronted bakery which is now a staple of the Spitalfields foodie scene.

I’ve previously described Cake Mush as ‘”ice cream for the winter”, but I’d be more than happy to eat this in mid summer- the soft, sweet and perfectly flavoured scoops are to me totally reminiscent of playing with my food as a kid! Melted ice cream ‘soup’, frozen yoghurt popsicles, mushed cake; these to me all bear the hallmarks of classic, unpretentiously fun kiddie food. But now I’m a grown up, and I can eat as much Cake Mush as I please!

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{Invite} @butterbelieveit in Spitalfields are serving cake in a whole new way: as CAKE MUSH! It's a serving of their delicious cake, mushed up and served with toppings and a little extra frosting. My favourite flavour of the ones I tried was this new 'Monkey Business' flavour, a gorgeously soft banana cake filled with peanut butter mascarpone and caramel 😍 Don't knock it til you've tried it- snuggling down in the corner of their cute cafe with pot of this made me feel like a kid again- but I'm a grown woman and I'll eat as much cake mush as I like, thank you! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #london #foodie #foodpic #foodshare #foodblogger #bananabread #spitalfields #eastlondon #shoreditch #dessert #bakery #smallbusiness #foodphotography #foodblog #londonfoodies #foodlover #cheatmeal #cake #cakes #londonfoodie #indulgent #eatingfortheinsta #dessertbae #travelgram #visitlondon #foodreview #foodstyling

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Flavours include their classic ‘Earl Risers’ (Earl grey and raspberry, mm!), Choconutty (chocolate and hazelnut cake with chocolate buttercream) and the deliciously banana-y new cake on the block: Monkey Business! All Cake Mush flavours are also available as slices or whole cakes, but honestly I can’t decide which I like more- the cakes are undisputably gorgeous, but Cake Mush gives you the perfect ratio of frosting to sponge in every bite, and is SO good to eat on the go- or even take home to eat whilst snuggled on the sofa! And if it sounds just a little too adventurous for you, staff are happy to let you try a little to see if you like it. Have you tried Cake Mush? Let us know what you thought!