Amazing BBQ at Temper Soho

I think it’s an inherently Kenyan thing to love all things barbeque…

The smell of chargrilled meat, or flavourful rubs and smoky, sticky sauces just appeals to that inner carnivore that lives in those that hail from Eastern Africa (unless of course, you’re vegetarian or vegan in which case you should stop reading now).

Moving to London, I wondered when I’d next get a chance to savour some deliciously slow cooked nyama choma (literally, roasted meat) or some intensely meaty mutura (Kenyan sausages) – luckily I came across temper Soho.

temper is a restaurant hidden under the streets of Soho, filled with funky music, smoky scents and always masses of patrons. As soon as you enter the underground dining hall, your nostrils are hit with the sweet smell of barbecue and you immediately notice the large central firepit where big hunks of meat are being slowly roasted by talented chefs. Hip hop and R&B play in the background adding to the already lively atmosphere.

Food recommendations:

Aged Cheeseburger Tacos. These are ridiculously good. The meat is aged perfectly and is savoury, salty and insanely tender. Topped with some gooey cheese and a few chopped onions and jalapenos to add some pungency and heat, each taco is extremely moreish and you’ll want to order another plate (each plate is £9.50 and comes with 2 tacos).

Beef fat potatoes with Ogleshield. I know this sounds like a heart attack on a plate but don’t knock it til you’ve tried it! Soft, buttery, fall apart baby potatoes are covered in a gooey Ogleshield cheese blanket, adding a salty, cheesy element to each bite. You HAVE to get this as a side, calories be damned. (£5.50)

Argentinian sausage served with chimichurri on flatbread. Literally tasted like mutura! Smoky and meaty, with the lemony chimichurri adding a burst of freshness to every bite, this was a dish that reminded me of home! (£7.50)

Rump steak. My favourite steak in London from now on until I can find something that tops this (which has to be phenomenal). Soft and tender pieces of rump steak with the fat ever so delicately rendered down so it was juicy and melty in the mouth, served with a Kimchi hot sauce that added fire to each mouthful and kept you coming back for more. I can’t wait to eat this again!


You’ll pay around £70 for 2 people if you have 2 courses and a bottle of wine (the wine is good here, I’d definitely recommend it). Not bad for Soho and not bad for London either, especially when compared to Nairobi!


9.5/10. The only dish I didn’t enjoy was the duck carnitas tostada which was quite underwhelming and lacked flavour. Other than that, temper was more than impressive and I can’t wait to go back and take some carnivores with me!