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Monday, December 10, 2018
Asian desserts in London are going viral. Gone are the days where dessert after an Asian meal means banana fritters or a few slices of orange!
What follows then, is an attempt to channel my inner Gregg Wallace and review some of the finest desserts in London...
Indian cuisine without a curry? Yes, that's possible. Just head over to Gul&Sepoy, and they'll show you how it's done...
With so many steakhouses in London, it’s always tough to decide on your favourite. How about steak for brunch? Let me introduce you to Arlos...
Very good salt beef, very good value. It's Salt Shed.
Island Poké: it's fresh, it's healthy, it's delicious.
Enoteca Rabezzana, Italian wine, Italian food, in the heart of the Barbican.
Grilled Cheese Toast? Healthy Avocado Toast? or Unsual Combo? There is always a toastie for ya!
Save the journey to Naples and try one (or all five) of these places in London for some incredible pizza