Top 10 Halal Cheap Eats

The lure of dining out is very hard to resist, especially when London boasts such an array of sensational cuisines. But, while our bellies get pampered with exquisite dishes, it is our poor wallets that have to endure the same torture as having to sit through the cinematic masterpiece that is Halle Berry’s “Catwoman”, on a 24 hour loop.

To alleviate the torment, I have discovered 10 Top Halal Cheap Eats for £10 or less that will not only bring joy to your palate but will give your bank balance a new lease of life.

In no particular order:

1. Billy and the Chicks

Do you love the taste of fried chicken but don’t want substandard processed meat? Well, now you can enjoy free range halal fried chicken from Billy and the Chicks, which is in the heart of Soho. This uber trendy outlet offers that delicious fast food chicken shop taste, but elevates the calorific fried fowl by using high-end ingredients. You can enjoy a piece of free ranged fried chicken for £2.80. Only the fried chicken is Halal.

Do you love the taste of fried chicken but don't want that cheap awful processed meat from the local dingy chicken shop? Well now you can enjoy free range halal fried chicken from @billyandthechicks, which is in the heart of Soho. This uber, funky, trendy outlet offers that delicious fast food chicken shop taste, but elevates the calorific fried fowl by using high end ingredients, and the prices are extremely reasonable, especially for Soho. Currently, the fried chicken is only halal. All food is prepared separately to ensure no cross contamination. They have a number of discount offers all next week, so be sure to check them out and let me know your thoughts. @billyandthechicks so reminds me of my old student union 😁. #halalchronicles #MrHC #cheapeat #friedchicken #freerange #freerangechicken #friedchicken #soho #studentunion #macandcheese #londoncheapeats

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2. Pilau

This eatery, once again in Soho, started life as a pop-up, but thanks to its popularity it now has 2 branches. Pilau offers fast casual Indian street food style dishes, which are perfect for that lunch time fix or if you are on the go. I’d recommend the Butter Chicken Rice box for £9.00. All meat is Halal.

Happy Friday gang 🎈

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3. The Famous Flames

This wallet friendly venue is a funky fast food joint right next to Camden Town station. Another incarnation by Bea Vo, the mastermind behind Stax Diner, Boondocks and Bea’s of Bloomsbury. Offering American soul food from burgers ranging from £6.50 to an array of finger licking chicken wings from £5.50. All meat is Halal.

4. The Chicken Shop

The name is so good that it deserves to be in Alanis Morissette’s song “Ironic”, as there’s, well…. nothing ironic about it. With a hipster interior, the Chicken Shop specialises in rotisserie chicken that is spit-roasted over charcoal. You can enjoy items such as Half a Chicken for £9.50 or a Dirty Bird Burger for £7.50. There are numerous branches all over London. The chicken is Halal.

5. Potbelly

Located in Westfield shopping centre in Stratford, Potbelly transforms the humble sandwich into a gourmet experience. The prices start from £7.70, with high-end ingredients such as aged Angus beef. You will never look at a sandwich the same way again. All meats are Halal.

@potbelly_uk, where the humble sandwich is transformed to offer a gastronomical gourmet experience. @potbelly_uk is not your typical sandwich franchise. The high end ingredients used in their products will truly surprise you, which is why they are one of the global market leaders in their specialised field. The aged Angus beef used in this roast beef sandwich is from the same supplier as China Tang at The Dorchester, & at @potbelly_uk, you are paying the fraction of the price that you would at China Tang. Full review with a number of different dishes & pictures coming soon on to our website. This place is not just for sandwich lovers, but for food adventurers. #halal #halallondon #halalfood #halalfoodblogger #gourmetsandwich #sandwich #halallondonrestaurant #stratford #westfield #food #londonfood #londonrestaurants #fdblogger #foodblogger #potbelly #shakes #foodie #halalfoodie #cookies #london #instafood #food #toplondonrestaurants @top_london_restaurants

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6. Habaneros

What do we all love more than a burger? A budget friendly burger, and that is exactly what you get at Habaneros, a fast food establishment with a Mexican and American diner inspired interior and menu. Located in Tooting and Willesden Green, you can enjoy a selection of burger meals that include drinks and fries starting from £6.99. How can you say no to that? All meats are Halal.

7. Dum Biryani House

Located in Soho, Dum Biryani House is part of a new wave of restaurants that aims to reignite our passion for traditional Indian comfort cuisine by infusing it with a contemporary twist. You maybe wondering why Dum is on this list considering that their main dishes start at £14.95. That is because you can enjoy a delicious biryani during lunch time for the fraction of the price at £5.00. All meat is Halal.

8. Wrapchic – The Indian Burrito Company

Indian street food meets Mexican food is the concept behind Wrapchic. The menu is quite varied so you can indulge in a number of dishes, with prices starting from £5.70, which will help keep hunger at bay. Located in multiple areas throughout the country. Lamb and chicken is Halal.

Satisfy your Friday feeling – a burrito with all the trimmings should do the job! 😋🌯

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9. Mother Clucker

If you love chicken then you will be enamoured by Mother Clucker, a street food truck specialising in Southern American fried chicken, developed by New Orleans born chef Britteny Bean. Located in a number of sites around London, the prices range from £6.50 all the way up to their most popular dish the Combo at £9.00. All chicken is Halal.

10. German Doner Kebab

Whether we like to admit it or not, a doner kebab is a staple part of any Londoner’s diet. But now you don’t have to feel too guilty, as German Donar Kebab, which is a fast food outlet with over 40 branches worldwide, aims to deliver a healthy and nutritious approach to the traditional kebabs. Prices start at £5.49. All meats are Halal.