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Sunday, January 23, 2022


Premium Omakase at Hot Stone Steak and Sushi Bar is so special because This dish ticks all the boxes. Mouthwatering flavourful fish that melts in your mouth. They use 100% real Japanese wasabi which is a must try.
Aburi Otoro sushi with uni at Dozo Sushi is so special because This fatty tuna is lightly torched and is topped with sea urchin. The tuna itself is already so fatty and rich, eating it together with the sea urchin just enhances its flavour and texture.
Matcha Wheelcake at Dragon Cat Café is so special because Dragon Cat's wheelcakes are all generously-filled and their matcha version is no exception. Stuffed full of creamy-smooth matcha custard, this hot wheelcake hits the spot.
Sakura Matcha Sundae at Tombo - Japanese Cafe is so special because Not only does this sundar look fabulous, it tastes fabulous too. Sakura and matcha soft serves are swirled together, and decorated with Pocky, strawberry sauce, strawbrrry chocolate crunchies and a sakura kohakuto (crunchy jelly sweet).
Signature More Combination at Yakiniku More is so special because Very fresh food and probably the best wagyu i have try in Hong Kong !!!!!! It melts inside my mouth !
Chicken Katsu Curry at Misato is so special because You can always be fooled with a queue that the hype is more than the quality of the food but Misato certainly don't apply to this. Misato only take walk in's as their Japanese specilaities are heavily sought after with...
Matcha Babka at Matcha and Beyond is so special because Soft fluffy brioche with swirls of sweet matcha chocolate and crunchy nuts? Yes please! If you're a matcha fan and a babka fan, this is a must-eat.
Souffle pancakes with honeycomb butter at Fuwa Fuwa Café is so special because An amazing invention by the Japanese combining soufflé and pancakes to create a fluffy dream. So light it melts and that honeycomb butter is luscious.
Spicy Vegetarian at Shoryu Ramen Carnaby is so special because This ramen is made from our tonyu soy milk, miso, konbu & shiitake broth, atsuage fried tofu, kikurage mushrooms, spring onion, menma bamboo shoots, nori seaweed, spicy miso sauce, tender broccoli and garlic mayu. I think it is best...