Thursday, February 22, 2018
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Matcha Scone at Hai Dozo is so special because Matcha lovers look what I found for you😄💚!!! Magnificent Matcha Scones 😍(£3)made with organic matcha from Kagoshima, vegan whipped coconut cream and homemade red bean paste👍 Who would have thought matcha scone exists in this world haha😄It really was very delicious. Small but packed with strong matcha flavour, sweet adzuki paste, and some saltiness from the cream. Unexpectedly good! Hai Dozo is a stall in Brick Lane food market and it also serves other matcha treats and authentic Japanese food such as okonomiyaki. Check it out!!
Okonomiyaki at Okan is so special because A savoury pancake Okonomiyaki with squid. This dish is full of incredible flavours and textures from soft to chewy.
Rose Nerikiri at Wasoukan is so special because Nerikiri is a soft, melt-in-the-mouth sweet made with white bean paste and mochi, and often shaped into beautiful things. Made by Sakura Junction, This nerikiri was subtly flavoured with rose - just the perfect amount to get excited for spring.
Sushi at Sushimania is so special because For just over £16 per person, Sushi Mania's buffet deal is a bargain. There's a good selection of sushi and hot food (for example noodles) to choose from, and considering it's a buffet the quality isn't bad either.
Fatty tuna, and salmon nigiri at Atari-ya is so special because The fish here is definitely of high quality and fresh. The nigiris were excellent, it just melted in your mouth. The prawn tempura was also so light, and not greasy at all! We would definitely come back for a weekday dinner as it’s very casual spot, which purely focuses on the food.
Chiffon Cake Sundae at TSUJIRI Matcha House is so special because The slice of cake is HUGE back there, and the cornflakes give a nice crunch. The sweet red bean is generously-scooped, too. And, of course, the matcha soft serve is on point.
Sakura Mochi at Necco Japanese Cafe Bar is so special because The perfect combination of sweet and salty: pink sticky rice with sweet red bean in the centre, wrapped with a pickled sakura leaf. It went down nicely with a matcha latte.
Matcha Mousse Cake at Necco Japanese Cafe Bar is so special because The mousse is super airy, I love how it's encased in a light chiffon-like sponge. Extra points for the matcha cream on top (extra matcha is always a good thing).
Looking for the best bites in London? Don't miss the Coconut pudding with matcha jelly at TSUJIRI Matcha House. Perfect for impressing someone, a chilled Sunday, when you are on the run and !
Looking for the best bites in London? Don't miss the Yellowtail Sashimi at Roka Mayfair. Perfect for impressing someone, a romantic dinner, work lunch, taking parents and it is quite pricey but worth it!