Thursday, February 22, 2018
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The Piggy Doughnut at Doughnut Time is so special because I think the picture speaks for itself already😂 It is an insanely cute slash funny doughnut from Doughnut Time. Soft and sweet doughnut dough plus Percy Pig's jellies, get ready for a sugar high and for a good laugh😄
Willy Wonka Pancakes at My Old Dutch is so special because My Old Dutch is an incredibly underrated eatery... many people passing it by and not giving it a second look but OH MY GOODNESS it’s everything you could every want. This stack of indulgent buttermilk pancakes layered with Oreos, Ferero Roches and Kinder Bueno had us drunk on chocolate which I didn’t even know was possible! With the added pots of oozy gorgeous Nutella added ontop this can only be described as the BEST pancakes I’ve ever had! My Old Dutch caters for the savoury tooth too if you don’t want to get chocolate drunk (although, who wouldn’t?!) by serving up great favourites such as Spinach and Ricotta or Chille con Carne on scrumptious savoury Crepes on the hugest plates you’ve ever seen!!!
Waffle and Ice Cream at BIRD is so special because Deep fried Waffle & Ice Cream, with vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, chocolate & lashings of sweet, sticky, sensational caramel. Does it get any better than this? Probably not, as it's simply gorgeous.
Pancakes at Aprés Food Co. is so special because The pancakes are in a satisfyingly thick stack and are extremely fluffy and soft. They come to the table piping hot and topped with plenty of goodies, in my case vanilla blueberry compote, yoghurt, seeds and nuts. This is a very underrated little place with a fresh decor, do come for brunch.
Ari Gold at Patty & Bun is so special because This is still one of my favourite burgers in London. Just look at it ooze. The patty inside is juicy and the flavours are fantastic.
Pancakes with bacon, whipped cream and maple syrup at My Place Soho is so special because American-style pancakes can be sometimes dry, but not these! They were incredibly well prepared with just the right amount of maple syrup to bring out the flavour of the bacon and cream! The bacon was crispy but not dry and the whipped cream was fluffy and not too sweet so it didn't compete with the sweetness of the syrup.
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Looking for the best bites in London? Don't miss the Trio of fries at The Sipping Room. Perfect for brunch, a chilled Sunday and it's great value!
Looking for the best bites in London? Don't miss the Bacon and Maple buttermilk pancakes at Jackson + Rye. Perfect for brunch, a chilled Sunday, taking out-of-towners and it's great value!
Looking for the best bites in London? Don't miss the Gluten Free Nutella Brownie at The CoffeeWorks Project. Perfect for a chilled Sunday, when you are on the run and !