Discovering The Best Food In London

Okay, so you’ve decided you’re eating out, you’ve salivated over the photos your best friend sent you from last night’s feast and you’ve studied the flood of recommendations received in your chat group.

Now you have to choose what food you fancy. Well in London, the world’s your oyster, pretty much literally. You might be choosing from a long list of some of the best restaurants in London, but the capital can take you on a gastronomic journey to all four corners of the planet, and everywhere in between, so buckle up and get ready, because Top City Bites is about to take your taste buds on a long haul trip of a lifetime.

How do I choose where to eat in London?


With so much healthy competition between the most popular London restaurants, you the customer are undoubtedly the winner, and basically, anything goes. Today we can savour the very best styles, tastes and innovation and there are seemingly no limits to the imagination and creativity we can see on our plates in and around London’s best restaurants.

There are different cuts of meat that we’ve never seen before, unique food pairings that really shouldn’t work but somehow do – Katsu curry scotch eggs anyone? –  re-inventions of old ingredients and traditional flavours and people throwing in some fruit when you least expect it and creating something amazing. And at Top City Bites we are here to tell you all about it, with first-hand knowledge and experience and real-time enthusiasm for the fantastic food we have just cleared off our plates.

Which types of London restaurants are popular?

When surveying the choice of London restaurants you can get your passport stamped and take a culinary trip around the world via messy Mexican food with a Latin flavour, Mediterranean seafood, Korean fried chicken, delicately fragranced Thai dishes, smoky South American steak hangouts, family run Vietnamese noodle bars, classic Italian restaurants, gourmet US burger joints, world food cafes, Turkish grills and then end up back in the Smoke with a modern take on some traditional British cuisine.

Of course you might fancy a restaurant with a range of different styles and flavours, or you might be on the lookout for a gourmet vegetarian place that will offer you great variety for your palate. You might even fancy a street food market where everyone can try something different and you all meet in the middle to talk about and share it. We can tell you about all these experiences and where to find the best food in London.

What shall I eat in a London restaurant today?

Day or night the doors are open and the London food scene stops for no one. There’s no excuse for putting up with a slice of toast or boring old cereal for breakfast, when you can nip down the road for American-style pancakes, croissants with ingenious toppings or a traditional toastie simply oozing with love.

Lunch time comes and you can try some Japanese dumplings, maybe a light Greek salad, or a Mediterranean pasta in a delightful side street deli? Meeting friends is a great way to pass your lunch hour, or with work colleagues you can try some small plates at a charcuterie, chew the fat over a table full of tapas, munch on some sushi or explore your inner hipster in an Oyster bar.

As the day goes on your dinner might be some ground-breaking British cuisine, a simple comfort Steak, something sticky and lemongrass-infused, a modern take on some Indian favourites or a choice of Italian classics that everybody loves.


Use our fantastic and lovingly prepared resource to put you in contact with the best food in London for how you feel today. It is out there and at Top City Bites, we can help you find it.