Cooking the perfect turkey with Jamie Oliver and Paul Kelly

With Christmas just around the corner, it’s time to talk turkey. Paul Kelly of Kellybronze takes us through the essential steps to getting it just right!

Originally brought over from Mexico, the turkey is now the traditional staple of the British Christmas dinner. However in recent years, poor production methods and lack of animal welfare have given the Christmas turkey a bad reputation- but it doesn’t have to be this way! Here are a few tips from Paul and Jamie to make your festive bird as delicious as can be.

1: Keep it simple! Cooking a turkey doesn’t have to be arduous or time consuming, as long as you buy a good quality bird. A lot of the complex techniques created for turkey preparation were simply invented to disguise the poor flavour of cheap, mass produced turkeys.

2: Time and temperature are key. Always make sure you let your fridge-stored turkey warm up to room temperature before you put it in the oven! Cook your bird breast-down in a roasting tin filled with 500ml of water, to help distribute the natural fats and create your lovely Christmas gravy.

3: Ban the basting! After your turkey has cooked breast-down for an hour, turn it back right side up. This allows the fat to redistribute, and for all the meat to have a chance cooking in the water at the bottom of the pan. No more effort needed!

4: Don’t tent your turkey. After all the work you’ve put into making sure all the meat is thoroughly cooked, leaving your turkey to rest out in the open doesn’t feel like the obvious choice. But a whole, well-reared bird retains its heat much longer than you might think, so covering it in foil will actually make it cook for longer, leaving you with the dreaded dry turkey! Simply leave to rest, then slice and pour over all those delicious pan juices.

5: Love your leftovers! No one feels like cooking on Boxing day, so put your leftover turkey to good use in a spicy turkey curry, make-your-own turkey burgers, or even freeze for later if you really need a break from Christmas leftovers!

And there you have it. Thanks to Jamie and the gang for having us along, and here’s to many more years of fabulous Christmas dinners!